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High-definition Audio Post Production

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By Mickey Roukeayeal

While you will already be familiar with Hi-D audio from experiencing surround sound in flick theatres and in your home entertainment center, an advanced leading edge technology is bringing the same experience to your headphones. Dolby's new surround sound system lets you experience the feeling of surround sound right in your headphones.

Podcast listeners don't always have to possess special new headsets to appreciate the standard of high definition audio. For the past few years, live music lovers have traded high definition music files on the internet. Usually, these files are top quality field recordings made at live concerts, often authorised by musicians.

In uncompressed, lossless formats, these files can take up great amounts of space. So, hi-def audio post production systems must be supplied with large hard drives and maxed-out memory chips to process these files.

As a consequence, many podcast producers are introducing themselves to the sector of high definition audio post production. While many of the free audio modifying applications on the market handle post production quite well, none of them adequately process the Hi-D elements required for true surround sound. To achieve true high-definition audio post production on a desktop computer, many sound editors may end up purchasing full media production suites.

Windows users accustomed to post production software like insolence can expect to spend a touch more money to achieve hi-def podcasts and audio recordings. The Vegas media production suite, while designed essentially for video and film production, contains a sophisticated high definition audio post production module. Using Vegas with the video elements turned off, editors can compose and edit audio in full 5.1 surround sound formats.

Apple users used to using the popular GarageBand tool for podcasting must also invest in some new software for hi-def audio post production. The favored Logic Pro software package offers podcasters and other audio producers a potent set of tools for music creation in full surround sound. While this high-definition audio post production tool is one of the costliest packages on the market, editors using Logic frequently save major amounts of cash compared to hiring sophisticated gear at professional recording flats.

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