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4 Reliable Tips for Handling Twilight Party Disasters

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By Andrea McClure

This month many Twilight fans will be looking forward to the sequel of the popular Twilight movie. It is called New Moon and is the second film adaptation of the popular vampire novel series by Stephenie Meyers. One way that fans will show their excitement is by planning original and unique Twilight parties. This is something that was inspired by the Twilight Proms sponsored by Stephenie Meyers. However even a Twilight party is vulnerable to disasters. It can be anything from not getting the right venue to not having the DJ you hired come on time. Here are some tips to help you in case the unexpected happens at your event.

Be prepared for anything. This is the cardinal rule for whenever you plan an event. You can't count on everything going perfectly so have a couple of back up plans just in case. For example you should know that food and drinks are something that you should have in abundance. So look at your list of guests and make sure to by above what you need. This will help you prepare for extra hungry guests or uninvited party crashers. Also talk to neighbors so they know about your party and can help out if needed.

So you are at your party and the DJ doesn't show up. This can be a major crisis as it is likely to be one of the main sources of entertainment and help set the mood for the party. The simple solution is to use your IPod or Computer as your own digital DJ. If you have a MP3 dock or audio connections on your player you can connect your player to the home sounds system and have instant music. If you don't have speakers you can always by an affordable pair at Wal-Mart for about $40. So this should take care of your music problem. Also be sure to include tunes from the Twilight soundtrack.

What happens when you have more guests than you anticipated? If you are having the party at your home you know that the likelihood that the police will stop by has sharply increased. In this case a good idea is to go to your neighbors and ask for help. If you were prepared you already talked to them and let them know that you were having a party and you might need some help with controlling it. Either way some outside help can be useful in maintaining order. Also look to some reliable friends. Invite them to help out or call them if you are really in a pinch.

A party planner's worst nightmare is a party that becomes boring or slow. Try to shake things up with fun activities and music to get everyone up moving and having a good time. Try to give yourself room to be spontaneous and original with your entertainment and games. This will help to liven up the atmosphere.

In the end disasters happen but if you have a game plan in place you can keep problems small and if things get bad, you will have a plan of action to resolve it. This will make it easier for you to handle crises and roll with the punches. That way you can still have a pretty decent party that all your guests will enjoy.

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